School of Material Science and Chemical Engineering

Since 1979,School of Material Science and Chemical Engineering (SMSCE) has the authorized power for awarding PH.D.and master degree in material science and its engineering,including three secondary disciplines in Material Processing Engineering,Material Physics and Chemistry and Materials Science,and 5 bachelor degrees in the metal material engineering,polymer material and engineering,material physics,material chemistry,and environmental engineering.
The honorable titles SMSCE has gained can be described in the followings.
● The discipline of material science and its engineering was conferred the key subject of Northern Corporation of China and  Shaanxi province in 1997 - 1998.
●The discipline of Metal material engineering was conferred the title of the outstanding profession of Shaanxi province in 2003.
●The discipline of material science foundation was conferred the title of EXCELLENT COURSE of Shaanxi province in 2003.
●The lab for Photoelectric Functional Materials and Devices was conferred the title of THE KEY LAB OF SHAANXI PROVINCE in 2004.
●The discipline of Metal Material Engineering was conferred the title of THE NATIONAL CHARACTERISTIC DISCIPLINE in 2008.
●The experimental teaching center for material engineering was conferred the title of the provincial model center for laboratory education in 2008.
●The teaching team of Metal Material Engineering gained the honorable title of NATIONAL TEACHING TEAM in 2010.
●The discipline of Metal Material Engineering was confirmed an experimental major of National Engineering Excellence Plan in 2012,and National Professional Comprehensive Reform in 2013.
●Engineering Chemistry Experimental Teaching Center was conferred the title of the provincial experimental model in 2014.
●Research Center for Mg-Al Light Alloy Composite Materials Engineering was conferred the title of the provincial engineering institute in 2016.
SMSCE has employed the faculty of over 111 in teaching and managing,among them,50 percent of the total is professors and advanced technical members,and 66 per cent of the total teachers hold the doctoral degree.The school has also set up the national teaching team in Metal Material Engineering,and three provincial teaching teams in Polymer Materials and Engineering,Material Physics,and Material Chemistry.The numbers of those teams consist of 20 professors,and three of them gained the special government allowances under the State Council and the others gained different honorable titles in the province,the ministry and the nation.
SMSCE has won one national-level and two provincial-level platforms in Sci.& Tech.,established two provincial exemplary centers for laboratory education,fourteen labs for teaching and one lab for innovation.
The fields of study-oriented in SMSCE can be separated into high quality light alloy,solidification theory and technology,relax ferroelectric crystal,high entropy alloy,metallic amorphous,infrared glass,semiconductor crystal for detector,nanometer functional material,new liquid crystal functional polymer,optoelectronic energy conversion polymer,Biomedical polymer,environment-friendly material,etc.
There are 32 items of science and technology in SMSCE gained National Natural Science Foundation.The project of Key Technology and Application of High Performance Multi-Scale Particles Synergistic Reinforcement of Aluminum and Magnesium Composites won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress in 2015.And about 12 items of projects have gained the provincial or the ministerial prizes.21projects were conferred the national patents of invention.About 150 public papers have been collected by SCI..  The research fund adds up to more than RMB 103 million.
Meanwhile,SMSCE  undertakes the national comprehensive reform of Metal Material Engineering,the provincial teaching reform,the national model course on Chinese-English teaching,the national publish-planned teaching material,and 17 provincial sharing courses.
SMSCE focuses on cultivation of undergraduates and postgraduates.The project of Exploration and Practice of Goal Education in the Process of College Students' Training had gained the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement in 2014.The project of Research and Practice on Improving the Operational Effectiveness of Guality Assurance System with Target Education as Traction had won the top award in teaching achievement of Shaanxi province in 2015.And also,the other projects had gained the college's prize.

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