School of Mechatronic Engineering

School of Mechatronic Engineering(SME) is the biggest scale of school in XATU with a long historical standing since 1955.It employed about 138 faculties for teaching and managing,of whom account for 32 professors and 45 associate professors and about 60 teachers with the doctoral degree.It employed two academicians for honored professors in the school.

SME has gained authorization for awarding master degree in 1993,doctoral degree in 2013,and postdoctoral research station in mechanics in 2014.Disciplines in PH.D.and M.D.can be distributed in machinery engineering covering these majors of machinery making and its automation,machinery electronic,machinery design,vehicle engineering,packing engineering and industrial design.The disciplines of machinery engineering and industrial engineering have been authorized for awarding master of engineering degree in technology.The major of machinery making and its automation is the key subject of Shaanxi province.

SME opened five bachelor specialties in machinery design & making and its automation (MDMA),machinery electronic (ME),packing engineering (PE),industrial engineering (IE),industrial design (ID,oriented to technology).MDMA was authorized the outstanding profession of Shaanxi province,the constructing major of the national character,the experimental major for the national excellent constructing plan and the comprehensive reform of Shaanxi province.

Three excellent teaching teams of Shaanxi province are distributed in MDMA,series of courses in machinery design,mechatronic engineering.

SME has built a number of teaching and research bases and academic institutions,

lNational-local Government Joint Engineering Research Center for Precision and Ultraprecision Processing and Measurement,

lKey Lab for Special Processing of Shaanxi Province,

lMaintenance Center for Imported Testing Equipments,

lthe Teaching Model Center for Comprehensive Experiment on Machinery Engineering of Shaanxi Province,

lIndustrial Committee for Special Processing of China.

For over 60 years' development,the study fields focus on,

lSpecial Machining and Precision Machining Technology,

lPrecision Measurement and Control Technology,

lDigital Manufacturing Technology,

lPrecision Mechanical Design and Theory,which has exerted the great influence in the industry of machinery engineering.

In the last five years,SME has undertaken a great number of scientific research tasks from the state,ministries and provinces,and National Natural Fund.

The prizes can be distributed into the follows,

lFour items for National DefenseScience and Technology Progress Award,

lFive items for Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award,

lOne item for National Teaching Achievement Award,

lSeven for publishing monographs and 56 items for National Patent of Invention.

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