School of Optoeletronic Engineering

School of Optoeletronic Engineering (SOE) is one of the earliest schools enrolled undergraduates since 1955.Three bachelor's majors are distributed in measuring and controlling technology and its instruments (MCTI),optoelectronic informative science and its engineering (OISE),and electronic science and its technology (EST).Four master's professions are distributed in optical engineering (OE),testing and metering technology and its equipments (TMTE),precision instrument and machinery (PIM),and instrument and meter engineering (IME).MCTI is the first outstanding brand of Shaanxi province,the constructing profession for the excellent engineer plan supported by Ministry of Education of China,the National-level characteristic specialty,and identified by China Engineering Education Professional Certification Association in 2018.Optic Engineering is a key subject mainly supported by Shaanxi Province,possesses the authorization of qualificationforawarding PH.D.,and the center for postdoctoral research.OISE is awarded the famous major by Shaanxi government.The school has two teams of Shaanxi provincial teaching and one team of Shaanxi for scientific innovation.

About the faculty of SOE,talents with high titles account for 55 per cent of the total,and doctorates,75%.And many of them are heads of teaching and research with titles of the national-level and ministerial-or-provincial-level.Their study fields involve in fabrication technology and application of micro-optoelectronic device,thin film and plasma technology,optical processing and detection technology,photoelectric testing technology,optical imaging technology,etc.

SOE covers an area of about 8000m² and possesses instruments and equipments for labs and scientific research with the value of over RMB 70 million.There is a national-level and many ministerial-or-provincial level research bases and a 100-class super-clean lab with an area of 1500m².The lad has been the key platform for external communication in the field of optical advanced manufacturing and optoelectronic imaging technology.

The school has built study bases on science and technology as follows:

lInternational Science and Technology Cooperation Base on Optical Advanced Manufacturing and Optoelectronic Detection Demonstration under Ministry of Science and Technology,

lCo-constructing Key Laboratory of Thin Film and Optical Manufacturing Technology by Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Province,

lShaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Film Technology and Optical Testing,

lShaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Testing and Instrument Technology,

lShaanxi Provincial Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Research Center,

lChina -Belarus High Technology Cooperation Development Center,

lInternational Joint Research Center for Optical Research and Education,

lTaylor Hopsons Precision Testing Technology Training Base,

lLeppel Film Technology Research Base,

lLida Optoelectronic Company Optical Manufacturing Research Base.

The school has been enlarging the international exchange and cooperation,inviting successively scholars and professors from Australia,Canada,Belarus,Singapore,Japan,the United Kingdom,the United States,Spain,Denmark,Poland and Germany.

Many international conferences are held in SOE,such as

lSecond International Conference on Nanomanipulation,Fabrication and Measurement,

lInternational Conference on Photon and Optical Engineering,

lInternational Conference on the Frontier of Optical Thin Films.

Now the school develops joint cultivation for postgraduates with University of West Scotland and Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena.

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